Our aim is not only to provide high quality products to our customers, we also want to impress clients with our professional and honest service which in turn helps us to build our company's reputation and brand image.

Machine Inspection
We have done many drying tests to find the optimal drying technique. We have set manufacture factories both at home and abroad to give a direct and close way for customers to see the machine that he will finally receive. Plus, clients can bring raw materials and test the machine performance.

Technical Support
Our company established a R&D department, design department and engineering department. Each department is responsible for respective work.

In addition to the research and development of new products, the R&D department also upgrades and adjusts machines, making them more efficient and easier to operate.

The design department employees accompany with clients and understand their demands for machine manufacture. In accordance with these drying technique requirements, they offer 2D and 3D product drawing, foundation design and flow chart and manufacture equipment list. What's more, workers of the design department also calculate the cost for clients, including raw material price, labor cost, fuel consumption, etc.

The engineering department is mainly in charge of the installation, adjustment and operation of machines. The department also provides worker training.
On-Site Installation & Adjustment
When the drying machine arrives at your work sites, we will designate 1-2 engineers for installation. Plus, the foundation for certain equipment should be built in advance.

For the successful installation, the client needs to prepare welders, brick layers, installation tools, forklift and crane. After the dryer is installed and runs smoothly, our engineer will offer systematic training to the operators and ensure they are familiar with the machine operation and maintenance.
After-Sales Service
If you have any questions about our machine, you can directly contact with our after-sales workers. To effectively resolve problems and offer prompt after-sales service, we established customer-service department with 10 well-trained employees.

In addition to technical support via telephone, we offer remote guidance through network video. If the remote service failed, our engineer will be assigned to your place. During the application of our machines, the after-sales team will follow up the machine condition every year. Our company will also invite clients to our company to visit and discuss.