Case Study

We worked with a number of clients all over the world. They gave high praise to our dryers and our service.

Foreign Customers
1. Serbia
Our Serbia client purchased charcoal production line from our company. The entire line includes crusher, drying machine, briquette machine and carbonization stove. After using for a few days, the client told us that he was very satisfied with our production line because its efficiency and performance greatly exceeded his expectation.
2. America
In 2015, we sold 5 sets of sawdust drying machines and 4 sets of rotary kilns to the clients. With three years cooperation, we gained a deep understanding with each other and established a good friendship. The client spoke highly of our products and service and introduced our company to his business partners.

In the same year, another American customer bought 6 sets of drying machine for wood chips. Later, our boss went to America and visited the client's company. He said our drying equipment reached his requirements totally.
3. Russia
We sold our coal briquette machine to Russia in May 2015. Our engineer spent 7 days installing and testing the equipment until it operated smoothly.
4. Philippines
The Philippine client mainly applied our machine to dry coconut fiber and coconut peat.
5. Indonesia
On March 10th 2012, we assigned one skilled engineer to Indonesia to offer technical guidance and helped them install the machine. The client highly appreciated our expertise and serious attitude.

Domestic Customers
1. Hebei Province
On May 5th, 2015, a client from Hebei province came to our factory and ordered this yam chip drying production line. Three months later, our engineer took a tour to their company, helped them solve the stove problem and inspected the working state of our line. With the guidance of our expert, the operator became familiar with the machine and got the right way to use and take care of it.

2. Anhui province
In 2013, the continuous type mesh belt dryer was delivered to Anhui province for drying chilies harvested from a 5,000 square meters farm. The client didn't feel satisfied about the dryers on the market and thought they were not able to deal with a large amount of chilies until he found us.

3. Kaifeng City, Henan Province
A client from Kaifeng city bought our drying machine for dehydrating chrysanthemum. The finished products are mainly used for scented tea or traditional Chinese medicine for chrysanthemum can clear heat and brighten eyes.