Ginger Belt Dryer with Electric Control Panel

Ginger belt dryer is a kind of batch, continuous production drying equipment, mainly used for agricultural products, herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, seafood, native products, feed and other materials. The main types of heating include electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating.
Structure of ginger belt dryer:
1. Feeding conveyor with distributor 
2. Drying equipment 
3. Control panel (speed and temperature of dryer can be adjusted)
4. Discharging conveyor 
5. Connection pipe
6. Fan (The volume reach 40000-50000m³/h)
7. Heat exchange (burning chamber, heat exchange pipe, smoke removal fan blower etc.) 

Feature of ginger belt dryer:
Easy operate with automatic control system.
1-2 workers are enough to operate the whole line.
15 years experience and conduct so many vegetable, fruit, food drying projects successfully.
The temperature will be adjusted by the electric control panel fully automatically. 
Producing capacity can be adjusted by the number of units.
Ginger belt dryer is low speed running equipment with high efficiency, high evaporation intensity, high output.
Ginger belt dryer is easy to maintenance stainless steel material to ensure the products reach hygienic standard.
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