Ginger Belt Dryer for Batch & Continuous Drying Producti

Ginger belt dryer can meet the requirement of batch, continuous drying production. Ginger belt dryer can be used for drying vegetable, food, agricultural products, herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, seafood, native products, feed and other materials.
The main principle of ginger belt dryer is to put the material evenly spread in mesh belt, mesh belt with 12-60 steel mesh belt, reciprocate by dragging gear in dryer, hot air between the material flows and water vapor from moisture discharge hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Ginger belt dryer consists of mesh belt dryer, electric control system and other auxiliary components. Hot air furnace provide drying medium - hot air, according to the different fuels (such as coal, diesel, gas and other) can choose different forms of furnace. Mesh belt dryer is the main drying equipment, consist of the box and multi-layer conveyor. The electronic control system controls the entire equipment to start, operate and shutoff. In cooperation with the auxiliary parts, the drying equipment complete the material feeding, drying and discharge processes, to achieve the dry processing of materials.
Guoxin is specialized in all kinds of fruit vegetable belt dryer machines, such as red chili belt dryer, ginger belt dryer, tomato belt dryer and more. Prices of all the dryer machine are much lower than the normal level of drying equipment industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production.
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