How Does Ginger Belt Dryer Work?

Gongyi Guoxin Machinery Factory is a professional ginger belt dryer supplier in China. Our factory is specialized in all kinds of fruit and vegetable belt dryers, such as red chili belt dryer, ginger belt dryer, tomato belt dryer and more. We also produce a series of equipment of dryer machinery and rotary kilns.
Ginger belt dryer is the continuous drying equipment researched and developed based on the traditional mesh belt dryer. 
How does ginger belt dryer work? Guoxin Machinery will explain it for you. 

First is to put raw materials on the mesh belts evenly which moves back and forth inside the dryer box by transmission gear, during which the hot air go through the raw materials repeatedly, with water vaporing from moisture discharging hole, so as to dry raw materials to a required drying degree, achieve the purpose of drying.
Ginger belt dryer can be widely used for drying vegetable, food, agricultural products, herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, seafood, native products, feed and other materials.
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