Ginger Belt Dryer Dry Material Quickly and Evenly

Ginger belt dryer will have to deal with the material through the appropriate charging machine, distribution on the conveyor belt; conveyor belt through the hot air circulation system, circulation system has one or several wet system. Material from the conveyor belt, through the hot air after allocator, blowing into jet mesh belt, from the bottom up and from the top down through the conveyor belt material, so that the material uniform drying. 

ginger belt dryer
Ginger belt dryer is with automatic control system and computer control system to choose.
Most hot air is circled inside the ginger belt dryer, high heat efficiency, save energy.
Ginger belt dryer is equipped with forced ventilation and adjustable air distribution plates, uniform air volume, wind speed; ensure material dry quickly and evenly.
High efficiency, high evaporation intensity, high output, customized producing capacity by adjusting the number of units.
Low machine noise, balance running process, automatic temperature control system.
Ginger belt dryer is suitable for the drying of granule products, marine, carrot, mushroom, green vegetables, bell pepper, garlic, pumpkin, sweet potato, bamboo shoots, products, etc. Welcome to enquiry! We will offer you our best service.